Grell's eye Sebby and Grell Teeth

About the Show

What exactly is The Grell Show? We are a Kuroshitsuji (Black Butler) cosplay variety show on YouTube. Kuroshitsuji is entirely owned by Yana Toboso and Square Enix. We do NOT make any profit for these videos. They are soley for entertainment purposes.

I was inspired to create a cosplay show after watching comedic cosplay geniuses like Parle Productions and Phantomhive Service. Since Grell is my favorite character to cosplay, I just had to make him the star of the show.

However, it's really Sebastian's snide remarks and Grell abuse that makes the show entertaining. You may occasionally spot other characters as well. Even...Lord Phantomhive (ugh, I hate that brat but he pays the bills so I have to be nice).

We hope to do many more episodes, as long as you guys don't get sick of us. XD