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RayniaSky (Grell)

Ray has been involved in theater and the performing arts since she was a wee little kindergartener and has done it all. Seriously...from being cast in community and school plays, appearing as an extra in a few movies (seen Patch Adams? She was in the crowd at the graduation scene XD), taking vocal lessons, and even professional clowning for about ten years. Though she was a gamer most of her life, she didn't discover the magic of anime and cosplay until about 5 years ago. Her friends took Ray to her first con in 2008 (Animazement) and she's been hooked ever since. She currently has over 20 cosplays and counting, but her absolute favorite character is Grell. He's just so much fun, and has become a part of her soul (no pun intended, hah!). In addition to Kuroshitsuji, other favorite animes, video games, and fandoms of hers include Chobits, Vampire Knight, Elfen Lied, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, Ib, and Kingdom Hearts.

GODSGRACE7 (Sebastian)

He too has been a gamer all his life. In fact, Ray wouldn't be suprised if he came out of the womb with a controller in his hand. Okay, maybe not that bad but you get the idea. XD Ray is responsible for getting him involved with watching more animes with her. In fact, she also forced---I mean---encouraged him to cosplay as well. Seriously, he only got involved in cosplay because he wanted to be a good, supportive husband. But despite all the grumbling he does during cons and Grell Show filmings, deep down he enjoys it. In addition to Sebastian, he also has cosplayed Xemnas (Kingdom Hearts), Xigbar (Kingdom Hearts), and Big Boss (Metal Gear Solid). Also a word of advice for any fangirls or fanboys that meet him in NOT glomp him without warning, especially from behind. Because of his line of work, such actions will get you seriously injured. I'm NOT kidding. But ask politely and he's sure to oblige, because he's one HELL of a butler.